Q: Fnlag is not running, however host 1 and host 2 can no longer communicate.  Why?

A: In the event fnlag is not shutdown cleanly (i.e. power outage or application/operating system failure), host 1 and host 2 will still be convinced fnlag is running, therefore continue to send packets to it.  To resolve, restart fnlag with the same host 1 and host 2, then press stop.  An alternative method is to shutdown fnlag and restart both host 1 and host 2 computers.

Q: How do I know what hosts I can run fnlag on?

A: Fnlag will only work on a switched network.  Only hosts that are discovered from a host scan will be available. If you expect to see a host in the list and do not, make sure the host computer is on.

Q: When I attempt to start fnlag, I receive the error “Could not initialize any network device…”. Why?

A: Make sure you have pcap installed and are running as admin.

Q: Can fnlag be used like a manual lag switch?

A: Yes. However it is not recommended for WAN game play. To simulate a manual lag switch:

1) Select your router for host 1, and your gaming console for host 2
2) Enter “1” for percent of loss from host 1 to host 2
3) Press “F9” on your keyboard to switch on and off. For hands free operation, use a usb foot key switch (set to “F9”). See the video below for a demo.